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Title Cultural, Scientific and Technical Antecedents of the Cybersyn Project in Chile
Authors Juan Alvarez, Claudio Gutierrez
Publication date 2022
Abstract The Cybersyn project has lately received increased
attention. In
this article, we study the local technical antecedents of Stafford Beer's
Cybersyn project in Chile, particularly regarding Cybernetics and Systems
ideas and local computing and networking developments. We show that the
Cybersyn project in Chile was hosted by a rich intellectual environment that
understood Cybernetics and Systems ideas; that it found a mature computer
community and infrastructure whose high point was the State Computing
Enterprise EMCO/ECOM, and an advanced networking experience whose flagship
was the automation of the State Bank that involved a pioneering network of
teleprocess. In summary, this paper attempts to unveil the deep historical
background over which the globally unique cybernetic experiment called
Cybersyn flourished.
Journal name AI & SOCIETY
Publisher Springer Nature Switzerland AG (Cham, Switzerland)
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