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1. An Evaluation of GPU filters for Accelerating the 2D Convex Hull.
Journal: Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing. Volume: 184. Pages: Article 104793. Date: February 2024.
Authors: Roberto Carrasco, Héctor Ferrada, Cristobal Navarro, Nancy Hitschfeld
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2. Modeling Interactions Happening in People-Driven Collaborative Processes.
Editors: Giancarlo Fortino, David Kaber, Andreas Nürnberger, David Mendonça. Book title: Handbook of Human-Machine Systems. Publisher: John Wiley & Sons. Pages: 95-103. Date: July 2023.
Authors: Maximiliano Canche, Sergio Ochoa, Daniel Perovich, Rodrigo Santos
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3. Wikidata Atlas: Putting Wikidata on the Map.
Conference: International World Wide Web Conference (Austin, Texas, US). Publisher: ACM Press. Pages: 238-241. Date: 2023.
Authors: Benjamín del Pino, Aidan Hogan
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4. Two-Dimensional Block Trees.
Journal: The Computer Journal. Date: 2023.
Authors: Nieves Brisaboa, Travis Gagie, Adrián Gómez-Brandón, Gonzalo Navarro
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5. Determining Real-Time Communication Feasibility in IoT Systems Supported by LoRaWAN.
Journal: Sensors. Volume: 23. Issue: 9. Pages: Article 4281. Date: April 2023.
Authors: Mariano Finochietto, Paula Zabala, Sergio Ochoa, Roc Meseguer, Rodrigo Santos
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6. Retail Indicators Forecasting and Planning.
Journal: Journal of Universal Computer Science. Volume: 29. Issue: 11. Pages: 1385-1403. Date: November 2023.
Authors: Nelson Baloian, Jonathan Frez, José A. Pino, Cristóbal Fuenzalida, Sergio Peñafiel, Belisario Panay, Gustavo Zurita, Horacio Sanson
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7. A Simple Grammar-based Index for Finding Approximately Longest Common Substrings.
Conference: International Symposium on String Processing and Information Retrieval (Pisa, Italy). Publisher: Springer-Verlag. Pages: 246-252. Date: 2023.
Authors: Travis Gagie, Sana Kashgouli, Gonzalo Navarro
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8. An Empirical Study of the Effect of Video Encoders on Temporal Video Grounding.
Conference: IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision. Publisher: IEEE Press. Pages: 2850-2855. Date: 2023.
Authors: Ignacio Meza, Edison Marrese-Taylor, Cristian Rodriguez-Opazo, Felipe Bravo-Marquez
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9. Cross-Lingual and Cross-Domain Crisis Classification for Low-Resource Scenarios..
Conference: International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media. Publisher: AAAI Press. Date: 2023.
Authors: Cinthia Sánchez, Hernán Sarmiento, Andrés Abeliuk, Jorge Pérez, Bárbara Poblete
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10. MatchMakerNet: Enabling Fragment Matching for Cultural Heritage Analysis.
Conference: ICCV Workshop on e-Heritage. Publisher: IEEE Computer Society Press. Pages: 1632-1641. Date: 2023.
Authors: Ariana Villegas, Cristian Lopez, Iván Sipirán
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