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41. A Data Fusion Approach with Mobile Phone Data for Updating Travel Survey-Based Mode Split Estimates.
Journal: Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies. Volume: 155. Pages: Article 104285. Date: October 2023.
Authors: Eduardo Graells, Daniela Opitz, Francisco Rowe, Jacqueline Arriagada
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42. Efficient Construction of the BWT for Repetitive Text using String Compression.
Journal: Information and Computation. Volume: 294. Pages: Article 105088. Date: 2023.
Authors: Diego Díaz-Domínguez, Gonzalo Navarro
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43. MillenniumDB: An Open-Source Graph Database System.
Journal: Data Intelligence. Volume: 5. Pages: 560-610. Date: 2023.
Authors: Domagoj Vrgoc, Carlos Rojas, Renzo Angles, Marcelo Arenas, Diego Arroyuelo, Carlos Buil-Aranda, Aidan Hogan, Gonzalo Navarro, Cristian Riveros, Juan Romero
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44. Delfin++: A Delaunay based Algorithm for Finding 3D Polyhedral Voids in Galaxy Surveys.
Journal: Astronomy and Computing. Volume: 44. Issue: article 100713. Date: July 2023.
Authors: Valeria Guidotti, Rodrigo Alonso, Matias Bravo, Nancy Hitschfeld, Gabriel Marinello, Carlos Hervias, Luis Campusano B.
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45. Contextual Linear Types for Differential Privacy.
Journal: ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems. Volume: 45. Issue: 2. Pages: 8:1-8:69. Date: 2023.
Authors: Matías Toro, David Darais, Chike Abuah, Joseph Near, Damián Árquez, Federico Olmedo, Éric Tanter
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46. MUSIB: Musical Score Inpainting Benchmark.
Journal: EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing. Volume: 2023. Pages: Article 19. Date: April 2023.
Authors: Mauricio Araneda, Felipe Bravo-Marquez, Denis Parra, Rodrigo Cádiz
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47. Modularity of Food-Sharing Networks Minimises the Risk for Individual and Group Starvation in Hunter-Gatherer Societies.
Journal: PLOS ONE. Volume: 18. Issue: 5. Pages: Article e027273. Date: May 2023.
Authors: Francisco Plana, Jorge Pérez, Andrés Abeliuk
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48. Hybrid Forecasting of Geopolitical Events.
Journal: AI Magazine. Volume: 44. Pages: 112-128. Date: March 2023.
Authors: Daniel Benjamin, Fred Morstatter, Ali Abbas, Andrés Abeliuk, Pavel Atanasov, Stephen Bennett, Andreas Beger
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49. On The Impact of Grading on Teamwork Quality in a Software Engineering Capstone Course.
Journal: IEEE Access. Volume: 11. Pages: 36492-36503. Date: April 2023.
Authors: Cecilia Bastarrica, Francisco Gutierrez, Maira Marques, Daniel Perovich
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50. Faster Compressed Quadtrees.
Journal: Journal of Computer and System Sciences. Volume: 131. Pages: 86-104. Date: 2023.
Authors: Guillermo de Bernardo, Travis Gagie, Susana Ladra, Gonzalo Navarro, Diego Seco
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