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Year 2022

1. Time- and Space-Efficient Regular Path Queries.
Conference: IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). Publisher: IEEE Press. Pages: 3091-3105. Date: 2022.
Authors: Diego Arroyuelo, Aidan Hogan, Gonzalo Navarro, Javiel Rojas-Ledesma
2. HOLZ: High-Order Entropy Encoding of Lempel-Ziv Factor Distances.
Conference: Data Compression Conference (Snowbird, Utah, USA). Pages: 83-92. Date: 2022.
Authors: Dominik Koppl, Gonzalo Navarro, Nicola Prezza
3. Efficient Construction of the BWT for Repetitive Text using String Compression.
Conference: Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching (Prague, Czech Republic). Publisher: Springer-Verlag. Pages: article 29. Date: 2022.
Authors: Diego Díaz-Domínguez, Gonzalo Navarro
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4. Near-Optimal Search Time in delta-Optimal Space.
Conference: International Symposium of Latin American Theoretical Informatics. Publisher: Springer-Verlag. Pages: 88-103. Date: 2022.
Authors: Tomasz Kociumaka, Gonzalo Navarro, Francisco Olivares
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5. Balancing Run-Length Straight-Line Programs.
Conference: International Symposium on String Processing and Information Retrieval. Publisher: Springer-Verlag. Pages: 117-131. Date: 2022.
Authors: Gonzalo Navarro, Francisco Olivares, Cristian Urbina
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6. Bidirectional r-indexes.
Conference: Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching (Prague, Czech Republic). Publisher: Springer-Verlag. Pages: article 11. Date: 2022.
Authors: Yuma Arakawa, Gonzalo Navarro, Kunihiko Sadakane
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7. Improving Matrix-vector Multiplication via Lossless Grammar-Compressed Matrices.
Volume: 15. Issue: 10. Pages: 2175-2187. Date: 2022.
Authors: Paolo Ferragina, Giovanni Manzini, Travis Gagie, Dominik Koppl, Gonzalo Navarro, Manuel Striani, Francesco Tosoni
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8. Total Mutational Load and Clinical Features as Predictors of the Metastatic Status in Lung Adenocarcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients.
Volume: 20. Pages: Article 373. Date: 2022.
Authors: Karen Y. Oróstica, Juan Saez Hidalgo, Pamela R. de Santiago, Solange Rivas, Sebastian Contreras, Gonzalo Navarro, Juan A. Asenjo, Álvaro Olivera-Nappa, Ricardo Armisen
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9. Grammar Compression by Induced Suffix Sorting.
Journal: ACM Journal of Experimental Algorithmics. Volume: 27. Pages: Article 1.1. Date: 2022.
Authors: Daniel S. N. Nunes, Felipe A. Louza, Simon Gog, Mauricio Ayala-Rincón, Gonzalo Navarro
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10. Faster Repetition-Aware Compressed Suffix Trees based on Block Trees.
Journal: Information and Computation. Volume: 285B. Pages: Article 104749. Date: 2022.
Authors: Manuel Cáceres, Gonzalo Navarro
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