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81. Near-Optimal Search Time in delta-Optimal Space.
Conference: International Symposium of Latin American Theoretical Informatics (Guanajuato, Mexico). Publisher: Springer-Verlag. Pages: 88-103. Date: 2022.
Authors: Tomasz Kociumaka, Gonzalo Navarro, Francisco Olivares
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82. Balancing Run-Length Straight-Line Programs.
Conference: International Symposium on String Processing and Information Retrieval (Concepcion, Chile). Publisher: Springer-Verlag. Pages: 117-131. Date: 2022.
Authors: Gonzalo Navarro, Francisco Olivares, Cristian Urbina
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83. Simple Yet Powerful: An Overlooked Architecture for Nested Named Entity Recognition.
Conference: International Conference on Computational Linguistics. Publisher: Association for Computational Linguistic. Pages: 2108-2117. Date: 2022.
Authors: Matías Rojas, Felipe Bravo-Marquez, Jocelyn Dunstan
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84. Understanding the Suitability of Modeling Languages and Notations to Represent Computer-Mediated Interaction Scenarios.
Conference: International Conference on Information Technology & Systems (Virtual conference). Publisher: Springer International Publishing AG. Pages: 677-686. Date: 2022.
Authors: Maximiliano Canche, Sergio Ochoa, Daniel Perovich
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85. Data-Driven Restoration of Digital Archaeological Pottery with Point Cloud Analysis.
Journal: International Journal of Computer Vision. Volume: 130. Issue: 9. Pages: 2149-2165. Date: September 2022.
Authors: Iván Sipirán, Alexis Mendoza, Alexander Apaza, Cristian Lopez
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86. A Reasonably Gradual Type Theory.
Journal: Proceedings of the ACM Programming Languages. Volume: 6. Issue: ICFP. Pages: 931-959. Date: August 2022.
Authors: Kenji Maillard, Meven Lennon-Bertrand, Nicolas Tabareau, Éric Tanter
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87. Propositional Equality for Gradual Dependently-Typed Programming.
Journal: Proceedings of the ACM Programming Languages. Volume: 6. Issue: ICFP. Pages: 165-193. Date: August 2022.
Authors: Joseph Eremondi, Ronald Garcia, Éric Tanter
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88. An IoT-based Infrastructure to Enhance Self-Evacuations in Natural Hazardous Events.
Journal: Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. Volume: 26. Pages: 1461-1478. Date: 2022.
Authors: Mariano Finochietto, Matías Micheletto, Gabriel Eggly, Roger Pueyo, Rodrigo Santos, Sergio Ochoa, Roc Meseguer, Javier Orozco
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89. Reducing Operational Expenses of LoRaWAN-Based Internet of Remote Things Applications.
Journal: Sensors. Volume: 22. Issue: 20. Pages: 1-19. Date: October 2022.
Authors: Mariano Finochietto, Rodrigo Santos, Sergio Ochoa, Roc Meseguer
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90. Automatic Floor Plan Analysis and Recognition.
Journal: Automation in Construction. Volume: 140. Pages: Article 104348. Date: June 2022.
Authors: Pablo Pizarro, Nancy Hitschfeld, Iván Sipirán, Jose Saavedra
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