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51. Foundations of Symbolic Languages for Model Interpretability.
Conference: Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems. Date: 2021.
Authors: Marcelo Arenas, Daniel Baez, Pablo Barceló, Jorge Pérez, Bernardo Subercaseaux
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52. Predicting SPARQL Query Dynamics.
Editors: Anna Lisa Gentile, Rafael Gonçalves. Conference: International Conference on Knowledge Capture (Online). Publisher: ACM Press. Pages: 161-168. Date: 2021.
Authors: Alberto Moya Loustaunau, Aidan Hogan
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53. Fast Approximate Autocompletion for SPARQL Query Builders.
Conference: International Workshop on Visualization and Interaction for Ontologies and Linked Data (Online). Publisher: CEUR Publications. Pages: 41-55. Date: 2021.
Authors: Gabriel de la Parra, Aidan Hogan
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54. Fuzz Testing in Behavior-Based Robotics.
Conference: IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (Xi'an, China). Pages: 9375-9381. Date: 2021.
Authors: Rodrigo Delgado, Miguel Campusano, Alexandre Bergel
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55. Formalizing the Goal-directed and Context-based Software Process Tailoring Method.
Conference: Latin American Conference on Informatics (Virtual). Pages: 1-9. Date: 2021.
Authors: Luis Silvestre, Cecilia Bastarrica, Julio Ariel Hurtado Alegría, Jacqueline Marín
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56. A Survey of RDF Stores & SPARQL Engines for Querying Knowledge Graphs.
Journal: The VLDB Journal. Date: 2021.
Authors: Waqas Ali, Muhammed Salem, Bin Yao, Aidan Hogan, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo
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57. Merging Web Tables for Relation Extraction with Knowledge Graphs.
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering. Date: 2021.
Authors: Jhomara Luzuriaga, Emir Muñoz, Henry Rosales-Méndez, Aidan Hogan
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58. Measuring Geometrical Quality of Different 3D Linear Element Types.
Journal: Numerical Algorithms. Volume: 90. Issue: 1. Pages: 423-446. Date: October 2021.
Authors: Claudio Lobos, Cristopher Arenas, Esteban Daines, Nancy Hitschfeld
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59. Systematic Fuzz Testing Techniques on a Nanosatellite Flight Software for Agile Mission Development.
Journal: IEEE Access. Volume: 9. Pages: 114008-114021. Date: August 2021.
Authors: Tamara Gutierrez, Alexandre Bergel, Carlos E Gonzalez, Camilo J Rojas, Marcos A Diaz
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60. What Makes Agile Software Development Agile.
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. Date: 2021.
Authors: Marco Kuhrmann, Paolo Tell, Regina Habig, Cecilia Bastarrica, et al. .
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