Publications of Iván Sipirán

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Year 2023

1. SHREC 2023: Detection of Symmetries on 3D Point Clouds Representing Simple Shapes.
Conference: Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval. Publisher: Eurographics Association. Date: 2023.
Authors: Iván Sipirán, Chiara Romanengo, Bianca Falcidieno, Silvia Biasotti, Gerasimos Arvanitis, Chen Chen, Vlassis Fotis, Jianfang He, Xiaoling Lv, Konstantinos Moustakas, Silong Peng, Ioannis Romanelis, Wenhao Sun, Christoforos Vlachos, Ziyu Wu, Qiong Xie
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2. MatchMakerNet: Enabling Fragment Matching for Cultural Heritage Analysis.
Conference: ICCV Workshop on e-Heritage. Publisher: IEEE Computer Society Press. Pages: 1632-1641. Date: 2023.
Authors: Ariana Villegas, Cristian Lopez, Iván Sipirán
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3. Evaluation of 3D Reconstruction for Cultural Heritage Applications.
Conference: ICCV Workshop on e-Heritage. Publisher: IEEE Computer Society Press. Date: 2023.
Authors: Cristian Llull, Nelson Baloian, Benjamin Bustos, Kornelius Kupczik, Iván Sipirán, Andrés Baloian
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4. Visual Exploration of Repetitive Patterns on Ancient Peruvian Pottery.
Journal: Journal of WSCG. Volume: 31. Issue: 1-2. Pages: 25-33. Date: 2023.
Authors: Stefan Lengauer, Lin Shao, Magdalena Mayerhofer, Reinhold Preiner, Stephan Karl, Elisabeth Trinkl, Iván Sipirán, Benjamin Bustos, Tobias Schreck
5. Large-Scale Multi-Unit Floor Plan Dataset for Architectural Plan Analysis and Recognition.
Journal: Automation in Construction. Volume: 156. Pages: Article 105132. Date: December 2023.
Authors: Pablo Pizarro, Nancy Hitschfeld, Iván Sipirán
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6. Semantic Segmentation of Fish and Underwater Environments Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Learned Active Contours.
Journal: IEEE Access. Volume: 11. Pages: 33652-33665. Date: 2023.
Authors: Miguel Chicchón, Hector Bedon, Carlos R. Del-Blanco, Iván Sipirán
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