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Year 2022

1. A Comprehensive Review of the Video-to-Text Problem.
Journal: Artificial Intelligence Review. Volume: 55. Pages: 4165-4239. Date: June 2022.
Authors: Jesus Perez-Martin, Benjamin Bustos, Silvio Jamil Ferzoli Guimaraes, Iván Sipirán, Jorge Pérez, Grethel Coello Said
2. Squeeze: Efficient Compact Fractals for Tensor Core GPUs.
Journal: Future Generation Computer Systems. Volume: 135. Issue: 2022. Pages: 10-19. Date: May 2022.
Authors: Felipe Quezada, Cristobal Navarro, Nancy Hitschfeld, Benjamin Bustos
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3. Effect of Adding Physical Links on the Robustness of the Internet Modeled as a Physical-logical Interdependent Network using Simple Strategies.
Journal: International Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection. Volume: 36. Pages: Article 100483. Date: March 2022.
Authors: Ivana Bachmann, Valeria Valdés, Javier Bustos-Jiménez, Benjamin Bustos
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