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Title LSCDiscovery: A Shared Task on Semantic Change Discovery and Detection in Spanish
Authors Frank D. Zamora-Reina, Felipe Bravo-Marquez, Dominik Schlechtweg
Publication date 2022
Abstract We present the first shared task on semantic change
discovery and
detection in Spanish. We create the first dataset of Spanish words manually
annotated by semantic change using the DURel framewok (Schlechtweg et al.,
2018). The task is divided in two phases: 1) graded change discovery, and 2)
binary change detection. In addition to introducing a new language for this
task, the main novelty with respect to the previous tasks consists in
predicting and evaluating changes for all vocabulary words in the corpus.
Six teams participated in phase 1 and seven teams in phase 2 of the shared
task, and the best system obtained a Spearman rank correlation of 0.735 for
phase 1 and an F1 score of 0.735 for phase 2. We describe the systems
developed by the competing teams, highlighting the techniques that were
particularly useful.
Pages 149-164
Conference name Workshop on Computational Approaches to Historical Language Change
Publisher Association for Computational Linguistic
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