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Title Identifying and Characterizing New Expressions of Community Framing during Polarization
Authors Hernán Sarmiento, Felipe Bravo-Marquez, Eduardo Graells-Garrido, Bárbara Poblete
Publication date 2022
Abstract Chile experienced a series of important protests between
and December 2019. This social unrest, as it was called, was fueled by
social inequity and radically affected the nation's status quo. A large
portion of the population demanded a new Constitution and changes to the
current government, whereas another part of the population rejected these
social demands. This created a highly polarized scenario evidenced through
online social media interactions. Analyzing controversial issues that emerge
naturally from conversations in online communities can offer a more
wide-scale understanding of today's political and societal discussions.
Here, we analyze group polarization in social networks by studying the 2019
Chilean social unrest. Specifically, we propose an unsupervised approach for
identifying and characterizing community framing (i.e., discovering and
understanding polarized concepts). Our approach is based on the sequential
application of community detection, topic modeling, and word embedding
methods. The novelty of having an unsupervised approach is that it
facilitates the performance of scalable and objective framing analyses with
minimal human intervention, as it does not require prior domain or network
knowledge. Using this methodology, we observe that an apparently similar
conversation topic across communities can actually have completely different
meanings to each group. We noted, for instance, that while an online
community linked the term gente (people) with communism and terrorism, the
other associated it with police and military oppression. In this direction,
our work can help to contextualize real-world social issues in online
platforms, describing how users discuss similar concepts with opposing
Pages 841-851
Conference name International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media
Publisher AAAI Press
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