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Title WDBench: A Wikidata Graph Query Benchmark
Authors Renzo Angles, Carlos Buil-Aranda, Aidan Hogan, Carlos Rojas, Domagoj Vrgoc
Publication date 2022
Abstract We propose WDBench: a query benchmark for knowledge graphs
on Wikidata, featuring real-world queries extracted from the public query
logs of the Wikidata SPARQL endpoint. While a number of benchmarks for graph
databases (including SPARQL engines) have been proposed in recent years, few
are based on real-world data, even fewer use real-world queries, and fewer
still allow for comparing SPARQL engines with (non-SPARQL) graph databases.
The raw Wikidata query log contains millions of diverse queries, where it
would be prohibitively costly to run all such queries, and difficult to draw
conclusions given the mix of features that these queries use. WDBench thus
focuses on three main query features that are common to SPARQL and graph
databases: (i) basic graph patterns, (ii) optional graph patterns, (iii)
path patterns, and (iv) navigational graph patterns. We extract queries from
the Wikidata logs specifically to test these patterns, clean them of
non-standard features, remove duplicates, classify them into different
structural subsets, and present them in two different syntaxes. Using this
benchmark, we present and compare performance results for evaluating queries
using Blazegraph, Jena/Fuseki, Virtuoso and Neo4j.
Pages 714-731
Conference name International Semantic Web Conference
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