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Title Gesture Coding: Easing the Introduction to Block-Based Programming Languages with Motion Controls
Authors Sebastián Toro-Guajardo, Emilio Lizama, Francisco Gutierrez
Publication date 2022
Abstract Current approaches that introduce young learners to
depend heavily on an exposure to block-based languages. Most, if not all of
these, rely on traditional inputs, such as pointing and clicking with a
mouse, and typing commands with a keyboard. While these input mechanics
usually do not pose major usability concerns in their adoption, we see an
opportunity in exploring novel interaction paradigms for sparking interest
in programming within this population. In this paper we present Gesture
Coding, an interactive block-based language, inspired by Scratch, that is
controlled using Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. We expect that interactive,
playful, and non-traditional input controls would simplify user onboarding,
hence easing the acceptance and appropriation of the language. We discuss
the usability and perceived usefulness of the natural interaction metaphors
built in Gesture Coding for developing short programs, covering sequential
and conditional commands. Our results show that, despite requiring more
effort to interact with motion-based controls, young learners show a more
positive attitude for exploring and connecting blocks when compared to doing
the same tasks with a mouse and keyboard. The obtained results are highly
promising, highlighting the potential adoption of the tool.
Pages 840-851
Conference name International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence
Publisher Springer-Verlag (Berlin/Heidelberg, Germany)
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