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Title Popping Up Balloons for Science: a Research Proposal
Authors Jérémy Barbay, Daniel Freire-Fernández, Danko Lobos-Bustamante
Publication date 2022
Abstract Some video games were developed to entertain non human
while measuring their abilities, logged in a file which can be analyzed
later. Using such games to measure the limits of such abilities is
problematic, as it requires the subjects to be exposed to instances that
they cannot solve, potentially frustrating them. Could presenting the
subjects with a mix of instances of various difficulties at the same time,
and measuring their interaction with those, yield useful information about
their abilities and inabilities, without frustrating the subjects? We
propose to design, develop and validate a web game presenting several
instances at once, inspired by existing ones such as 'Pop the Balloons', so
that the subject can be exposed to a mix of ``easy'' and ``difficult''
instances in parallel, and to validate that this does not produce
frustration by studying the correlation of the subjects' assiduity in
playing the game with the rate of ``difficult'' instances.
Conference name International Conference on Animal-Computer Interaction
Publisher ACM Press (New York, NY, USA)
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