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Title A Loggable Aid to Speech: A Research Proposal
Authors Jérémy Barbay, Camila Labarca-Rosenbluth, Brandon Peña-Haipas
Publication date 2022
Abstract Validating that non human animals can communicate with
using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) requires extensive
logging, and traditional techniques are costly in resources and time. We
propose to implement 1) a configurable ``communication board'' application
aimed at small non human animals able to use touch interfaces, which not
only emits human words associated to each button, but also logs such
interactions; 2) a hardware keyboard to extend the use of such an
application to larger non human animals unable to use a touch screen, but
able to use large keys and 3) a centralized back-end gathering the logs from
various devices, facilitating their study by researchers. We propose to
validate the usability of such prototype solutions with two monk parakeets
parrots for the application, a dog and two cats for the keyboard (and
application), and a researcher in comparative psychology for the website of
the back-end.
Conference name International Conference on Animal-Computer Interaction
Publisher ACM Press (New York, NY, USA)
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