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Title Digital Twins and Enabling Technologies in Museums and Cultural Heritage: An Overview
Authors Wolfram Luther, Nelson Baloian, Daniel Biella
Publication date February 2023
Abstract This paper presents an overview of various types of virtual
museums (ViM) as native artifacts or as digital twins (DT) of physical
museums (PM). Depending on their mission and features, we discuss various
enabling technologies and sensor equipment with their specific requirements
and complexities, advantages and drawbacks in relation to each other at all
stages of a DT's life cycle. A DT is a virtual construct and embodies
innovative concepts based on emerging technologies (ET) using adequate
sensor configurations for (meta-)data import and exchange. Our keyword-based
search for articles, conference papers, (chapters from) books and reviews
yielded 43 contributions and 43 further important references from Industry
4.0, Tourism and Heritage 4.0. After closer examination, a reference corpus
of 40 contributions was evaluated in detail and classified along with their
variants of DT--content-, communication-, and collaboration-centric and
risk-informed ViMs. Their system features correlate with different
application areas (AA), new or improved technologies--mostly still under
development--and sensors used. Our proposal suggests a template-based,
generative approach to DTs using standardized metadata formats,
expert/curator software and customers'/visitors' engagement. It
advocates for stakeholders' collaboration as part of a comprehensive
validation and verification assessment (V&VA;) throughout the DT's entire
life cycle.
Pages article 1583
Volume 23
Journal name Sensors
Publisher Molecular Diversity Preservation International (Basel, Switzerland)
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