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Title Node-based Uniform Strain Virtual Element Method for Compressible and Nearly Incompressible Elasticity
Authors Alejandro López-Ortiz, R. Silva-Valenzuela, sergio salinas, Nancy Hitschfeld, Sebastian Luza, Bruno Rebolledo
Publication date April 2023
Abstract We propose a combined nodal integration and virtual
method for compressible and nearly incompressible elasticity, wherein the
strain is averaged at the nodes from the strain of surrounding virtual
elements. For the strain averaging procedure, a nodal averaging operator is
constructed using a generalization to virtual elements of the node-based
uniform strain approach for finite elements. We refer to the proposed
technique as the node-based uniform strain virtual element method (NVEM). No
additional degrees of freedom are introduced in this approach, thus
resulting in a displacement-based formulation. A salient feature of the NVEM
is that the stresses and strains become nodal variables just like
displacements, which can be exploited in nonlinear simulations. Through
several benchmark problems in compressible and nearly incompressible
elasticity as well as in elastodynamics, we demonstrate that the NVEM is
accurate, optimally convergent and devoid of volumetric locking.
Pages 1697-1927
Volume 124
Journal name International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering
Publisher John Wiley & Sons (Hoboken, NJ, USA)
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