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Title Tailoring Hybrid Software Processes in a Medium-Size Software Company
Authors Jacqueline Marín, Julio Ariel Hurtado Alegría, Cecilia Bastarrica, Luis Silvestre
Publication date 2023
Abstract Software process definition require some flexibility to
take into
account different contexts and goals. Agile software development provides
this flexibility by including a series of practices that the development
team can adjust according to its needs. However, in practice, most companies
do not apply a pure agile process but a combination of agile and traditional
practices, i.e., hybrid processes. For each project context, a different
combination of practices yield varying results for different goals, i.e.,
productivity, product quality, etc. In previous work, we have proposed
DynaTail, a method for guiding the definition of the practices to be
included as part of the hybrid software process for particular contexts so
that an intended goal is optimized. Although DyanTail has proven to be
effective in lab experiments, it is still difficult to assess to what extent
it can be applied in industry. This paper presents its application in a
medium-size software company to assess its potential adoption. The method
was evaluated as useful and each step was understandable. However, some
limitations were identified such as the need for guidance and tool support.
We also found some non-anticipated valuable applications such as using
DynaTail as a basis for negotiating with clients the process to be used by
the project.
Pages 1042-1050
Conference name ACM Symposium on Applied Computing
Publisher ACM Press (New York, NY, USA)
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