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Title Introducing Computational Thinking at Vocational High Schools
Authors Jocelyn Simmonds, Constanza Diaz, Carlos Estay
Publication date 2023
Abstract The Technovation Girls program (TG) is an after-school
where teams of female school
students follow a software ideation process to address one of the UN's
Sustainable Development goals. Concretely, they prototype a mobile
application which they later pitch to judges. The TG curriculum gives
students the tools they need to carry out this challenge, with activities
focusing on entrepreneurship, product ideation and pitching, as well as
coding. Previous evaluations of this program have focused on student and
mentor perceptions and attitudes, collected through surveys, observation,
focus groups and interviews. In this paper, we evaluate the effect that the
coding part of the TG curriculum has on students' computational thinking
skills, specifically in Chile, where the TG curriculum was expanded to a
year to account for differences in the school curriculum. Also, in this
experience, the TG
program was carried out during class hours, and at both single- and
mixed-gender vocational high schools. We applied an existing computational
thinking test to the 2020 cohort (approx. 1000 students), before and after
participating in the program, analyzing the results by school, gender and
age. We found a slight improvement in test
scores, with a more positive effect in male students.
Pages 68-74
Conference name ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education
Publisher ACM Press (New York, NY, USA)
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