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Title A Metamodel for Immersive Gaming Experiences in Virtual Reality
Authors Fabiola Rivera, Francisco Gutierrez
Publication date 2023
Abstract Due to the increasing adoption of specialized hardware,
development of novel gaming experiences in virtual reality (VR) has gained
traction. Despite the popularity that VR has achieved so far, it is still
not clear how to address the design of immersion, which is critical for
providing meaningful, enjoyable, and engaging experiences in VR video games.
Aiming to bridge this gap, in this paper we reviewed the recent literature
in this domain and formalized it as a conceptual metamodel for analyzing and
designing meaningful gaming experiences in VR. The main dimensions addressed
in this metamodel interrelate user, software, and hardware components,
explicitly addressing immersion and player involvement. We argue that the
proposed metamodel can be useful to both researchers and designers
interested in conceiving immersive, innovative, and engaging VR gaming
Pages 315-326
Conference name Human-Computer Interaction in Games
Publisher Springer Nature Switzerland AG (Cham, Switzerland)
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