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Title Wikidata Atlas: Putting Wikidata on the Map
Authors Benjamín del Pino, Aidan Hogan
Publication date 2023
Abstract Wikidata Atlas is an online system that allows users to
Wikidata items on an interactive global map; for example, users can explore
the global distribution of all lighthouses described by Wikidata. Designing
such a system poses challenges in terms of scalability, where some classes
have hundreds of thousands of instances; efficiency, where visualisations
are generated live; freshness, where we want changes on Wikidata to be
reflected as they happen in the system; and usability, where we aim for the
system to be accessible for a broad audience. Herein we describe the design
and implementation of the system in light of these challenges.
Pages 238-241
Conference name International World Wide Web Conference
Publisher ACM Press (New York, NY, USA)
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