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Title When are they Coming? Understanding and Forecasting the Timeline of Arrivals at the FC Barcelona Stadium on Match Days
Authors Feliu Serra-Burriel, Pedro Delicado, Fernando M. Cucchietti, Eduardo Graells, Alex Gil, Imanol Eguskiza
Publication date March 2024
Abstract Futbol Club Barcelona operates the largest stadium in
(with a seating capacity of almost one hundred thousand people) and manages
recurring sports events. These are influenced by multiple conditions (time
and day of the week, weather, adversary) and affect city dynamics--e.g.,
peak demand for related services like public transport and stores. We study
fine grain audience entrances at the stadium segregated by visitor type and
gate to gain insights and predict the arrival behavior of future games,
a direct impact on the organizational performance and productivity of the
business. We can forecast the timeline of arrivals at gate level 72 h prior
to kickoff, facilitating operational and organizational decision-making by
anticipating potential agglomerations and audience behavior. Furthermore,
can identify patterns for different types of visitors and understand how
relevant factors affect them. These findings directly impact commercial and
business interests and can alter operational logistics, venue management,
and safety.
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