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Title Dealing with the students' attention problem in computer supported face-to-face lecturing
Authors Nelson Baloian, José A. Pino, H. Ulrich Hoppe
Publication date April 2008
Abstract This paper addresses issues of using computer technology to support in-classroom teaching and learning
regarding one of the most frequent problems in such scenarios: the students’ attention. First, it presents the
distraction and focus of attention problems that arise while using computer technology with off-the-shelf
software for supporting different activities which take place in usual lectures. Examples of these activities are
presentations of learning material, discussion, individual and collaborative problem solving, and difficulties of
switching from one to another. A solution to this problem is an integrated approach with a particular
implementation under the notion of “CiC”. The implemented system attempts to reduce the number of
interactions needed to switch from one activity to another as well as to reduce the cognitive load for both teacher
and students. The usage of both this system and standard software are compared and research results are
presented. Results show the CiC is useful to solve the problem.
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Pages 192-205
Volume 11
Journal name Journal of Educational Technology and Society
Publisher International Forum of Educational Technology & Society (New York, NY, USA)