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Title Towards Formal Evaluation of Collaborative Work and its application to Information Retrieval
Authors Ricardo Baeza-Yates, José A. Pino
Publication date July 2006
Abstract Introduction. Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) projects are difficult to evaluate
when implemented at most organizations. There are many variables and some of these are
qualitative and hard to assess. However, there are other variables that could be measured and, thus,
for a specific CSCW system, management could have a performance estimate.
Method. A groupware application is modelled, focusing on the work done and time spent on the
Analysis. The following variables and their relations are studied: quality of the outcomes, number
of people involved and time spent on the overall task, and total work done.
Results. An application - collaborative retrieval - is formalized to illustrate the model. For this
application, a specific heuristic is proposed to the case when many people search for the same
information, thereby increasing the recall and precision of the answer. The evaluation
methodology is applied to this case, showing some experimental results.
Conclusion. We present an initial attempt to formally evaluate performance measures related to
CSCW applications.
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Pages 271-271
Volume 11
Journal name Information Research
Publisher University of Scheffield Department on Information Studies (Sheffield, England)