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Year 2021

1. Formalizing the Goal-directed and Context-based Software Process Tailoring Method.
Conference: Latin American Conference on Informatics (Virtual). Pages: 1-9. Date: 2021.
Authors: Luis Silvestre, Cecilia Bastarrica, Julio Ariel Hurtado Alegría, Jacqueline Marín
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2. What Makes Agile Software Development Agile.
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. Date: 2021.
Authors: Marco Kuhrmann, Paolo Tell, Regina Habig, Cecilia Bastarrica, et al. .
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3. Impact of Affirmative Action on Female Computer Science/Software Engineering Undergraduate Enrollment.
Journal: IEEE Software. Volume: 38. Issue: 2. Pages: 32-37. Date: March 2021.
Authors: Jocelyn Simmonds, Cecilia Bastarrica, Nancy Hitschfeld
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