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Title Integrating Service-Oriented Mobile Units to Support Collaboration in Ad-hoc Scenarios
Authors Andrés Neyem, Sergio Ochoa, José A. Pino
Publication date 2008
Abstract Advances in wireless communication and mobile computing extend collaboration
scenarios. Mobile workers using computing devices are currently able to collaborate in order to
carry out productive, educational or social activities. Typically, collaborative applications
intended to support mobile workers involve some type of centralized data or services, because
they are designed to work on infrastructure supported wireless networks. This centralization
constrains the collaboration capabilities in ad-hoc communication cases. This paper introduces
the concept of Service-Oriented Mobile Unit (SOMU) in order to reduce such limitation.
SOMU is an autonomous software infrastructure running on a computing device; it is able to be
integrated to ad-hoc networks and it can interoperate with other mobile units in ad-hoc
collaboration scenarios. In addition, the paper presents the challenges faced when designing
and implementing the SOMU platform. It also describes an application developed on SOMU.
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Pages 88-122
Volume 14
Journal name Journal of Universal Computer Science
Publisher Graz University of Technology (Graz, Austria)