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Title SATS: a microcomputer -based support for teaching structural analysis
Authors Ronald Corovic, José A. Pino, Mauricio Sarrazin
Publication date April 1988
Abstract This paper describes an educational software system for structural analysis. The system is intended to develop the students' intuitive skills to build effort diagrams for plane frames. It allows the students to draw the shear and moment diagrams for a given problem on the terminal screen, and then, to compare them with the correct ones. The instructor can generate an arbitrary number of new problems and store them on disk. During his session, the student may choose the problems he wishes to work on, according to his knowledge and interest. Moreover, the student can modify a problem statement to ponder the effect of those changes on the effort diagrams.

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Pages 127-133
Volume 11
Journal name Journal of Microcomputer Applications
Publisher Academic Press Limited