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1251. Evaluación de un Proceso Instruccional Colaborativo de Ingeniería de Software para Ambientes de Aprendizaje Distribuidos.
Journal: Revista Avances en Sistemas e Informática. Volume: 6. Issue: 2. Pages: 149-159. Date: September 2009.
Authors: María Lund, Sergio Zapata, Laura Aballay, Myriam Herrera, Estela Torres, César Collazos, Faber Giraldo, Sergio Ochoa
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1252. Supporting Discussions for Decision Meetings.
Journal: Group Decision and Negotiation. Volume: 18. Issue: 6. Pages: 589-601. Date: November 2009.
Authors: Luis Guerrero, José A. Pino
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1253. An Experimental Investigation of Set Intersection Algorithms for Text Searching.
Journal: ACM Journal of Experimental Algorithmics. Volume: 14. Pages: Article 3.7. Date: August 2009.
Authors: Jérémy Barbay, Alejandro López-Ortiz, Tyler Lu, Salinger Alejandro
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1254. A Prototype for Querying LZCS Transformed Documents.
Journal: IEEE Latin America. Volume: 7. Issue: 3. Pages: 353-360. Date: 2009.
Authors: Joaquín Adiego, Gonzalo Navarro, Pablo de la Fuente
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1255. Fast Entropy-Bounded Compressed Suffix Trees.
Journal: Theoretical Computer Science. Volume: 410. Issue: 51. Pages: 5354-5364. Date: November 2009.
Authors: Johannes Fischer, Veli Mäkinen, Gonzalo Navarro
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1256. Taking Advantage of Metadata Semantics: The Case of Learning-Object-based Lesson Graphs.
Journal: Knowledge and Information Systems. Volume: 20. Issue: 3. Pages: 323-348. Date: September 2009.
Authors: Olivier Motelet, Nelson Baloian, José A. Pino
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1257. Rank/Select on Dynamic Compressed Sequences and Applications.
Journal: Theoretical Computer Science. Volume: 410. Issue: 43. Pages: 4414-4422. Date: October 2009.
Authors: Rodrigo González, Gonzalo Navarro
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1258. Approximate String Matching with Compressed Indexes.
Journal: Algorithms. Volume: 2. Issue: 3. Pages: 1105-1136. Date: September 2009.
Authors: Luís Russo, Gonzalo Navarro, Arlindo Oliveira, Pedro Morales
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1259. Modeling a Collaborative Answer Negotiation Activity Using IMS-Based Learning Design.
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Education. Volume: 52. Issue: 3. Pages: 375-384. Date: July 2009.
Authors: Sergio Ochoa, Ricardo Valdivia, Miguel Nussbaum V.
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1260. Estimating Software Projects based on Negotiation.
Journal: Journal of Universal Computer Science. Volume: 15. Issue: 9. Pages: 1812-1832. Date: September 2009.
Authors: Sergio Ochoa, José A. Pino, Fabian Poblete
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