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1241. Query Languages for Data Exchange: Beyond Unions of Conjunctive Queries.
Editors: Ronald Fagin. Conference: International Conference on Database Theory (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Publisher: ACM Press. Pages: 73-83. Date: 2009.
Authors: Marcelo Arenas, Pablo Barceló, Juan Reutter
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1242. Expressive Scoping of Distributed Aspects.
Conference: International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA). Publisher: ACM Press. Pages: 27-38. Date: 2009.
Authors: Éric Tanter, Johan Fabry, Rémi Douence, Jacques Noyé, Mario Südholt
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1243. A Mobile Collaborative Visual System to Support Knowledge Creation.
Conference: ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management. Publisher: ACM Press. Date: 2009.
Authors: Nelson Baloian, Gustavo Zurita, Gabriel Peña
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1244. Integrating Service-Oriented Mobile Units to Support Collaboration in Ad-hoc Scenarios.
Journal: Journal of Universal Computer Science. Volume: 14. Issue: 1. Pages: 88-122. Date: 2008.
Authors: Andrés Neyem, Sergio Ochoa, José A. Pino
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1245. Dealing with the students' attention problem in computer supported face-to-face lecturing.
Journal: Journal of Educational Technology and Society. Volume: 11. Issue: 2. Pages: 192-205. Date: April 2008.
Authors: Nelson Baloian, José A. Pino, H. Ulrich Hoppe
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1246. Hybrid system for generating Learning Object Metadata.
Journal: Journal of Computers. Volume: 2. Issue: 3. Pages: 34-42. Date: May 2007.
Authors: Olivier Motelet, Nelson Baloian, José A. Pino
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1247. Evaluating Collaborative Learning Processes using System-based Measurement.
Journal: Journal of Educational Technology and Society. Volume: 10. Issue: 3. Pages: 257-274. Date: July 2007.
Authors: Cesar A. Collazos, Luis A. Guerrero, José A. Pino, Stefano Renzi, Jane Klobas, Manuel Ortega, Miguel A. Redondo, Crescencio Bravo
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1248. Designing Collaborative Learning Environments using Digital Games.
Journal: Journal of Universal Computer Science. Volume: 13. Issue: 7. Pages: 781-791. Date: 2007.
Authors: Cesar A. Collazos, Luis A. Guerrero, José A. Pino, Sergio Ochoa, Gerry Stahl
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1249. Robust Mobile Ad-hoc Space for Collaboration to Support Disaster Relief Efforts Involving Critical Physical Infrastructure.
Journal: ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering. Volume: 20. Issue: 1. Pages: 13-27. Date: 2006.
Authors: Roberto Aldunate, Sergio Ochoa, Feniosky Peña-Mora, Miguel Nussbaum V.
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1250. Towards Formal Evaluation of Collaborative Work and its application to Information Retrieval.
Journal: Information Research. Volume: 11. Issue: 4. Pages: 271-271. Date: July 2006.
Authors: Ricardo Baeza-Yates, José A. Pino
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