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1241. Storage and Retrieval of Individual Genomes.
Editors: Serafim Batzoglou. Conference: Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology (Tucson, Arizona). Publisher: Springer-Verlag. Pages: 121-137. Date: 2009.
Authors: Veli Mäkinen, Gonzalo Navarro, Jouni Sirén, Niko Välimäki
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1242. Foundations of RDF Databases.
Editors: C. Gutierrez, M.-C. Rousset, R. Schmidt, S. Handschuh, S. Tessaris, Th. Eiter. Book title: Reasoning Web. Semantic Technologies for Information Systems.. Publisher: Springer-Verlag. Pages: 158-204. Date: 2009.
Authors: Marcelo Arenas, Jorge Pérez, Claudio Gutierrez
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1243. Back to the Future: Omniscient Debugging.
Journal: IEEE Software. Volume: 26. Issue: 6. Pages: 78-85. Date: November 2009.
Authors: Guillaume Pothier, Éric Tanter
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1244. Audio-Based Navigation Using Virtual Environments: Combining Technology and Neuroscience.
Journal: AER Journal: Research and Practice in Visual Impairment and Blindness. Volume: 2. Issue: 3. Pages: 128-137. Date: September 2009.
Authors: Lotfi Merabet, Jaime Sánchez
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1245. Logical Foundations of Relational Data Exchange.
Journal: SIGMOD Record. Volume: 38. Issue: 1. Pages: 49-58. Date: March 2009.
Authors: Pablo Barceló
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1246. E-Breaker: Flexible, Distributed Environment for Collaborative Authoring.
Editors: Marcos R.S. Borges, Weiming Shen, José A. Pino, Jean-Paul Barthes, Junzhou Luo, Sergio Ochoa, Jianming Yang. Conference: IEEE International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Work in Design (Santiago, Chile). Publisher: IEEE Computer Society Press. Pages: 173-178. Date: 2009.
Authors: Nelson Baloian, Francisco Claude, Roberto Konow, Sebastián Kreft
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1247. Compressed Representations of Permutations, and Applications.
Editors: Susanne Albers, Jean-Yves Marion. Conference: International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (Freiburg, Germany). Publisher: IBFI Schloss Dagstuhl. Pages: 111-122. Date: 2009.
Authors: Jérémy Barbay, Gonzalo Navarro
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1248. Videojuegos Móviles para Aprender y Pensar en Ciencias.
Journal: Anales de la Universidad Metropolitana. Volume: 9. Issue: 1. Pages: 67-86. Date: 2009.
Authors: Jaime Sánchez, Mauricio Sáenz, Álvaro Salinas
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1249. Semantics and complexity of SPARQL.
Journal: Transactions on Database Systems. Volume: 34. Issue: 3. Date: 2009.
Authors: Jorge Pérez, Marcelo Arenas, Claudio Gutierrez
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1250. Simple and Efficient Minimal RDFS.
Journal: Journal of Web Semantics. Volume: 7. Issue: 3. Pages: 220-234. Date: 2009.
Authors: Sergio Muñoz, Jorge Pérez, Claudio Gutierrez
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