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1321. Bringing Context to CSCW.
Conference: IEEE International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Work in Design. Publisher: IEEE Computer Society Press. Pages: 161-166. Date: 2004.
Authors: Marcos Borges, Patrick Brezillon, José A. Pino, Jean-Charles Pomerol
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1322. Bridging the gap between decisions and their implementations.
Conference: CRIWG 2004. Publisher: Springer-Verlag. Pages: 153-165. Date: 2004.
Authors: Marcos R. S. Borges, José A. Pino, Renata M. Araujo
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1323. Awareness Mechanisms for Coordination in Asynchronous CSCW.
Conference: Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems (WITS'99) (Charlotte, North Caroline, USA). Pages: 69-76. Date: 1999.
Authors: Marcos R. S. Borges, José A. Pino
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1324. Key issues in the design of an asynchronous system to support meeting preparation.
Journal: Decision Support Systems. Volume: 27. Issue: 3. Pages: 269-287. Date: December 1999.
Authors: Marcos R. S. Borges, José A. Pino, David Fuller, Ana C. Salgado
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1325. Scheduling meetings using participants' preferences.
Journal: Information Technology & People. Volume: 11. Issue: 2. Pages: 140-151. Date: January 1998.
Authors: José A. Pino, Hugo Mora
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1326. A visual approach to versioning for text co-authoring.
Journal: Interacting with Computers. Volume: 8. Issue: 4. Pages: 299-310. Date: 1996.
Authors: José A. Pino
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1327. Weighted Central Paths in a Tree.
Editors: A. Emre Harmanci, Erol Gelenbe. Conference: International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences (Cappadocia, Turkey). Publisher: Istanbul Technical University. Pages: 299-308. Date: 1990.
Authors: José A. Pino, Christian Moris
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1328. A Generalized Algorithm for Centrality Problems on Trees.
Journal: Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery. Volume: 36. Issue: 2. Pages: 349-361. Date: April 1989.
Authors: Arnon Rosenthal, José A. Pino
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1329. SATS: a microcomputer -based support for teaching structural analysis.
Journal: Journal of Microcomputer Applications. Volume: 11. Issue: 2. Pages: 127-133. Date: April 1988.
Authors: Ronald Corovic, José A. Pino, Mauricio Sarrazin
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