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1191. Indoor Orientation and Mobility for Learners who are Blind.
Journal: Annual Review of Cybertherapy and Telemedicine. Volume: 8. Pages: 131-134. Date: July 2010.
Authors: Mauricio Sáenz, Jaime Sánchez
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1192. Concept Mapping for Virtual Rehabilitation and Training of the Blind.
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering. Volume: 18. Issue: 2. Pages: 210-219. Date: April 2010.
Authors: Jaime Sánchez, Héctor Flores
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1193. Improving Code Completion with Program History.
Journal: Automated Software Engineering. Volume: 17. Issue: 2. Pages: 181-212. Date: June 2010.
Authors: Romain Robbes, Michele Lanza
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1194. On Sorting, Heaps, and Minimum Spanning Trees.
Journal: Algorithmica. Volume: 57. Issue: 4. Pages: 585-620. Date: 2010.
Authors: Gonzalo Navarro, Rodrigo Paredes
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1195. Dynamic Lightweight Text Compression.
Journal: ACM Transactions on Information Systems. Volume: 28. Issue: 3. Pages: Article 10. Date: 2010.
Authors: Nieves Brisaboa, Antonio Fariña, Gonzalo Navarro, José Paramá
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1196. Lepp Terminal Centroid Method for Quality Triangulation.
Journal: Computer-Aided Design. Volume: 42. Issue: 1. Pages: 58-66. Date: January 2010.
Authors: María Cecilia Rivara, Carlo Calderón
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1197. Balancing Flexibility and Performance in Three Dimensional Meshing Tools.
Journal: Advances in Engineering Software. Volume: 41. Issue: 3. Pages: 471-479. Date: March 2010.
Authors: Felipe Contreras, Nancy Hitschfeld, Cecilia Bastarrica, Carlos Lillo
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1198. Acquiring knowledge on business processes from stakeholders' stories.
Journal: Advanced Engineering Informatics. Volume: 24. Issue: 2. Pages: 138-148. Date: April 2010.
Authors: Flavia Santoro, Marcos Borges, José A. Pino
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1199. Expressing Aspectual Interactions in Requirements Engineering: Experiences in the Slot Machine Domain.
Conference: ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (Sierre, Switzerland). Publisher: ACM Press. Pages: 2161-2168. Date: 2010.
Authors: Arturo Zambrano, Johan Fabry, Guillermo Jacobson, Silvia Gordillo
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1200. Succinct Trees in Practice.
Editors: Guy Blelloch, Dan Halperin. Conference: Workshop on Algorithm Engineering and Experiments (Austin, Texas, USA). Publisher: SIAM Press. Pages: 84-97. Date: 2010.
Authors: Diego Arroyuelo, Rodrigo Cánovas, Gonzalo Navarro, Kunihiko Sadakane
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