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1171. Query Languages for Data Exchange: Beyond Unions of Conjunctive Queries.
Editors: Ronald Fagin. Conference: International Conference on Database Theory (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Publisher: ACM Press. Pages: 73-83. Date: 2009.
Authors: Marcelo Arenas, Pablo Barceló, Juan Reutter
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1172. Expressive Scoping of Distributed Aspects.
Conference: International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA). Publisher: ACM Press. Pages: 27-38. Date: 2009.
Authors: Éric Tanter, Johan Fabry, Rémi Douence, Jacques Noyé, Mario Sudholt
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1173. Foundations of RDF Databases.
Editors: C. Gutierrez, M.-C. Rousset, R. Schmidt, S. Handschuh, S. Tessaris, Th. Eiter. Book title: Reasoning Web. Semantic Technologies for Information Systems.. Publisher: Springer-Verlag. Pages: 158-204. Date: 2009.
Authors: Marcelo Arenas, Jorge Pérez, Claudio Gutierrez
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1174. Logical Foundations of Relational Data Exchange.
Journal: SIGMOD Record. Volume: 38. Issue: 1. Pages: 49-58. Date: March 2009.
Authors: Pablo Barceló
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1175. Cooperative Visualization of Cryptographic Protocols Using Concept Keyboards.
Journal: International Journal of Engeneering Education. Volume: 25. Issue: 4. Pages: 745-754. Date: August 2009.
Authors: Nelson Baloian, Wolfram Luther
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1176. Speeding up Spatial Approximation Search in Metric Spaces.
Journal: ACM Journal of Experimental Algorithmics. Volume: 14. Pages: Article 3.6. Date: August 2009.
Authors: Karina Figueroa, Edgar Chávez, Gonzalo Navarro, Rodrigo Paredes
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1177. Infrastructure for Domain-Specific Aspect Languages: The ReLAx Case Study.
Journal: IET Software. Volume: 3. Issue: 3. Pages: 238-254. Date: June 2009.
Authors: Johan Fabry, Éric Tanter, Theo D'Hondt
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1178. Mirror-based Reflection in AmbientTalk.
Journal: Software: Practice and Experience. Volume: 39. Issue: 7. Pages: 661-699. Date: May 2009.
Authors: Stijn Mostinckx, Tom Van Cutsem, Stijn Timbermont, Elisa Gonzalez Boix, Éric Tanter, Wolfgang De Meuter
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1179. Supporting Composition of Structural Aspects in an AOP Kernel.
Journal: Journal of Universal Computer Science. Volume: 15. Issue: 3. Pages: 620-647. Date: February 2009.
Authors: Éric Tanter, Johan Fabry
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1180. A Transformational Model for Organizational Memory Systems Management with Privacy Concerns.
Journal: Information Sciences. Volume: 179. Issue: 15. Pages: 2643-2655. Date: July 2009.
Authors: Sergio Ochoa, Valeria Herskovic, Edgard Pineda, José A. Pino
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