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1131. Rank-Mixer and Rank-Booster: Improving the Effectiveness of Retrieval Methods.
Editors: Devrim Ünay, Zehra Çataltepe, and Selim Aksoy. Conference: ICPR Contests (Istanbul, Turkey). Publisher: Springer-Verlag. Pages: 119-128. Date: 2010.
Authors: Sebastián Kreft, Benjamin Bustos
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1132. SQL Nested Queries in SPARQL.
Editors: Alberto Laender, Laks Lashmanan. Conference: Alberto Mendelzon International Workshop on Foundations of Data Management (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Publisher: CEUR Publications. Pages: 5.1-5.12. Date: 2010.
Authors: Renzo Angles, Claudio Gutierrez
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1133. Relational and XML Data Exchange.
Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers. Date: 2010.
Authors: Marcelo Arenas, Pablo Barceló, Leonid Libkin, Filip Murlak
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1134. Review on Longest Edge Nested Algorithms.
Editors: Kreiss, G., Lötstedt, P., Målqvist, A., Neytcheva, M.. Book title: Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications 2009. Publisher: Springer-Verlag. Pages: 763-770. Date: 2010.
Authors: María Cecilia Rivara
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1135. Extended Compact Web Graph Representations.
Editors: T. Elomaa, H. Mannila, P. Orponen. Book title: Algorithms and Applications (Ukkonen Festschrift). Publisher: Springer-Verlag. Pages: 77-91. Date: 2010.
Authors: Francisco Claude, Gonzalo Navarro
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1136. Techniques for the Generation of 3D FInite Element Meshes of Human Organs.
Editors: Andriani Daskalaki. Book title: Informatics in Oral Medicine: Advanced techniques in clinical and diagnostic techologies. Publisher: IGI Global. Pages: 126-158. Date: 2010.
Authors: Claudio Lobos, Johan Payan, Nancy Hitschfeld
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1137. Latent Semantic Analysis and Keyword Extraction for Phishing Classification.
Editors: Christopher C. Yang, Daniel Zeng, Ke Wang, Antonio Sanfilippo, Herbert H. Tsang, Min-Yuh Day, Uwe Glässer, Patricia L. Brantingham, Hsinchun Chen. Conference: IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics (Vancouver, BC, Canada). Publisher: IEEE Press. Pages: 129-131. Date: 2010.
Authors: Gaston L'Huillier, Alejandro Hevia, Richard Weber, Sebastián A. Ríos
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1138. Robustness Guarantees for Anonymity.
Editors: Andrew Myers, Michael Backes, Graham Steel, Jonathan Herzog. Conference: Computer Security Foundations Symposium (Edinburgh, UK). Publisher: IEEE Computer Society Press. Pages: 91-106. Date: 2010.
Authors: Gilles Barthe, Alejandro Hevia, Zhengqin Luo, Tamara Rezk, Bogdan Warinschi
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1139. Improving Text Indexes Using Compressed Permutations.
Conference: Jornadas Chilenas de Computación (Antofagasta, Chile). Date: 2010.
Authors: Jérémy Barbay, Carlos Bedregal, Gonzalo Navarro
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1140. On the Impossibility of Batch Update for Cryptographic Accumulators.
Editors: Michel Abdalla, Paulo Barreto. Conference: International Conference on Cryptology and Information Security in Latin America (Puebla, Mexico). Publisher: Springer-Verlag. Pages: 178-188. Date: 2010.
Authors: Philippe Camacho, Alejandro Hevia
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