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1011. Aspectizing Java Access Control.
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. Volume: 38. Issue: 1. Pages: 101-117. Date: January 2012.
Authors: Rodolfo Toledo, Angel Núñez, Éric Tanter, Jacques Noyé
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1012. Some Thoughts on A. H. Louies More Than Life Itself: A Reflection on Formal Systems and Biology.
Journal: Axiomathes. Volume: 21. Pages: 439-454. Date: July 2011.
Authors: Claudio Gutierrez, Jorge Soto-Andrade, Sebastian Jaramillo
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1013. Harris 3D: A Robust Extension of the Harris Operator for Interest Point Detection on 3D Meshes.
Journal: The Visual Computer. Volume: 27. Issue: 11. Pages: 963-976. Date: 2011.
Authors: Ivan Sipiran (alum), Benjamin Bustos
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1014. On Nonmetric Similarity Search Problems in Complex Domains.
Journal: ACM Computing Surveys. Volume: 43. Issue: 4. Pages: 34:1-50. Date: 2011.
Authors: Tomas Skopal, Benjamin Bustos
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1015. Is it Safe to Adopt the Scrum Process Model?.
Journal: CLEI Electronic Journal. Volume: 14. Issue: 3. Pages: paper 7. Date: 2011.
Authors: Julio Ariel Hurtado Alegría, Cecilia Bastarrica, Alexandre Bergel
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1016. Access Control in JavaScript.
Journal: IEEE Software. Volume: 28. Issue: 5. Pages: 76-84. Date: 2011.
Authors: Rodolfo Toledo, Éric Tanter
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1017. On porting software visualization tools to the web.
Journal: Software Tools for Technology Transfer. Volume: 13. Issue: 2. Pages: 181-200. Date: April 2011.
Authors: Marco D'Ambros, Michele Lanza, Mircea Lungu, Romain Robbes
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1018. Supporting Aspect Oriented Requirements Engineering for Large Documents.
Journal: SADIO Electronic Journal of Informatics and Operations Research. Volume: 10. Issue: 1. Pages: 38. Date: 2011.
Authors: Arturo Zambrano, Julian Rousselot, Johan Fabry, Silvia Gordillo
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1019. Stronger Quickheaps.
Journal: International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science. Volume: 22. Issue: 4. Pages: 945-969. Date: 2011.
Authors: Gonzalo Navarro, Rodrigo Paredes, Patricio Poblete, Peter Sanders
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1020. Jacobian-based Repair Method for Finite Element Meshes after Registration.
Journal: Engineering with Computers. Volume: 27. Issue: 3. Pages: 285-297. Date: 2011.
Authors: Claudio Lobos, Marek Bucki, Yohan Payan, Nancy Hitschfeld
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