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181. PFP Compressed Suffix Trees.
Conference: Workshop on Algorithm Engineering and Experiments (online). Publisher: SIAM Press. Pages: 60-72. Date: 2021.
Authors: Christina Boucher, Ondrej Cvacho, Travis Gagie, Jan Holub, Giovanni Manzini, Gonzalo Navarro, Massimiliano Rossi
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182. PolyLM: Learning about Polysemy through Language Modeling.
Conference: European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics. Publisher: Association for Computational Linguistic. Pages: 563-574. Date: 2021.
Authors: Alan Ansell, Felipe Bravo-Marquez, Bernhard Pfahringer
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183. Changing Teacher Perceptions about Computational Thinking in Grades 1-6, through a National Training Program.
Conference: ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (Virtual Event). Publisher: ACM Press. Pages: 260-266. Date: 2021.
Authors: Jocelyn Simmonds, Francisco Gutierrez, Federico Meza, Catalina Torrent, Jaime Villalobos
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184. From Adaptive Analysis to Instance Optimality.
Editors: Tim Roughgarden. Book title: Beyond the Worst-Case Analysis of Algorithms. Publisher: Cambridge University Press. Pages: 52-71. Date: 2021.
Authors: Jérémy Barbay
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185. A Well-Meaning Robot.
Editors: Ryan Calo, Batya Friedman, Tadayoshi Kohno, Hannah Almeter, Nick Logler. Book title: Telling Stories: On Culturally Responsive Artificial Intelligence. Publisher: University of Washington Tech Policy Lab. Pages: 38-39. Date: December 2020.
Authors: Alejandro Hevia
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186. Predictability Limit of Partially Observed Systems.
Journal: Scientific Reports. Volume: 10. Pages: Article 20427. Date: November 2020.
Authors: Andrés Abeliuk, Zhishen Huang, Emilio Ferrara, Kristina Lerman
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187. Anonymity and Asynchronicity as Key Design Dimensions for the Reciprocity of Online Democratic Deliberation.
Journal: International Journal of Applied Philosophy. Volume: 34. Issue: 2. Pages: 183-200. Date: 2020.
Authors: Leandro de Brasi, Claudio Gutierrez
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188. Investigating the Impact of the Estimation Error of Fracture Intensity (P 32 ) on the Evaluation of In-situ Rock Fragmentation and Potential of Blocks Forming around Tunnels.
Journal: Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology. Volume: 106. Pages: Article 103596. Date: December 2020.
Authors: Amin Hekmatnejad, Benoit Crespin, Alvaro Opazo, Xavier Emery, Nancy Hitschfeld, Davide Elmo
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189. Minding the AI Gap in LATAM.
Journal: Communications of the ACM. Volume: 63. Issue: 11. Pages: 61-63. Date: November 2020.
Authors: Bárbara Poblete, Jorge Pérez
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190. Optimal-Time Dictionary-Compressed Indexes.
Journal: ACM Transactions on Algorithms. Volume: 17. Issue: 1. Pages: Article 8. Date: 2020.
Authors: Anders Roy Christiansen, Mikko Berggren Ettienne, Tomasz Kociumaka, Gonzalo Navarro, Nicola Prezza
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