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151. Designing, Realizing, Running, and Evaluating Virtual Museum - a Survey on Innovative Concepts and Technologies.
Journal: Journal of Universal Computer Science. Volume: 27. Issue: 12. Pages: 1275-1299. Date: 2021.
Authors: Nelson Baloian, Daniel Biella, Wolfram Luther, José A. Pino, Daniel Sacher
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152. Much Ado About Facebook? Evidence from 80 Congressional Campaigns in Chile.
Journal: Journal of Information Technology & Politics. Date: June 2021.
Authors: Juan Pablo Luna, Cristian Pérez, Sergio Toro, Fernando Rosenblatt, Bárbara Poblete, Sebastián Valenzuela, Andrés Cruz, Naim Bro, Daniel Alcatruz, Andrea Escobar
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153. Hate Speech Detection is not as Easy as you may Think: A Closer Look at Model Validation (Extended Version).
Journal: Information Systems. Volume: 105. Date: 2021.
Authors: Ayme Arango, Jorge Pérez, Bárbara Poblete
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154. Applying the Concept of Implicit HCI to a Groupware Environment for Teaching Ethics.
Journal: Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. Date: January 2021.
Authors: Claudio Alvarez, Gustavo Zurita, Nelson Baloian
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155. The Influence of Interdependence in Networked Publics Spheres: How Community-Level Interactions Affect the Evolution of Topics in Online Discourse.
Journal: Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. Volume: 26. Issue: 3. Pages: 148-166. Date: May 2021.
Authors: Aimei Yang, Ian Myoungsu Choi, Andrés Abeliuk, Adam Saffer
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156. Supporting the Classification of Patients in Public Hospitals in Chile by Designing, Deploying and Validating a System based on Natural Language Processing.
Journal: BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. Volume: 208. Issue: 21. Pages: 1-11. Date: July 2021.
Authors: Fabian Villena, Jorge Pérez, René Lagos, Jocelyn Dunstan
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157. Worst-Case Optimal Graph Joins in Almost No Space.
Conference: SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data (Xian, China). Publisher: ACM Press. Pages: 102-114. Date: 2021.
Authors: Diego Arroyuelo, Aidan Hogan, Gonzalo Navarro, Juan Reutter, Adrián Soto
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158. Requirements engineering in the pre-contract stage: exploring the processes and practices used in small and medium-sized software enterprises.
Conference: ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (Gwangju, Korea). Publisher: ACM Press. Pages: 1346-1353. Date: 2021.
Authors: Tomás Vera, Sergio Ochoa, Daniel Perovich
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159. An Instrument to Define the Product Scope at Preselling Time.
Conference: IEEE International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Work in Design (Dalian, China). Publisher: IEEE Computer Society Press. Pages: 604-608. Date: 2021.
Authors: Tomás Vera, Daniel Perovich, Sergio Ochoa
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160. Crisis Communication: A Comparative Study of Communication Patterns across Crisis Events in Social Media.
Conference: ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (Gwangju, Korea). Publisher: ACM Press. Pages: 1711-1720. Date: 2021.
Authors: Hernán Sarmiento, Bárbara Poblete
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