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171. Block Trees.
Journal: Journal of Computer and System Sciences. Volume: 117. Pages: 1-22. Date: 2021.
Authors: Djamal Belazzougui, Manuel Cáceres, Travis Gagie, Pawel Gawrychowski, Juha Kärkkäinen, Gonzalo Navarro, Alberto Ordóñez Pereira, Simon J. Puglisi, Yasuo Tabei
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172. The Marriage of Univalence and Parametricity.
Journal: Journal of the ACM. Volume: 68. Issue: 1. Pages: 5:1-5:44. Date: January 2021.
Authors: Nicolas Tabareau, Éric Tanter, Matthieu Sozeau
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173. Superintelligence cannot be Contained: Lessons from Computability Theory.
Journal: Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research. Volume: 70. Pages: 65-76. Date: January 2021.
Authors: Manuel Alfonseca, Manuel Cebrian, Antonio Fernandez Anta, Lorenzo Coviello, Andrés Abeliuk, Iyad Rahwan
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174. Making Visible the Invisible: Understanding the Nuances of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work on Informal Elderly Caregiving in Southern Cone Families.
Journal: Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. Volume: 25. Pages: 437-456. Date: 2021.
Authors: Francisco Gutierrez, Sergio Ochoa
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175. Design Guidelines for Socio-Domestic Systems Supporting Informal Elderly Caregiving.
Journal: CLEI Electronic Journal. Volume: 24. Issue: 1. Pages: 5:1-5:34. Date: April 2021.
Authors: Francisco Gutierrez
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176. Improving Signal-Strength Aggregation for Mobile Crowdsourcing Scenarios.
Journal: Sensors. Volume: 21. Issue: 4. Pages: Article 1084. Date: February 2021.
Authors: Diego Madariaga, Javier Madariaga, Javier Bustos-Jiménez, Benjamin Bustos
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177. On the Approximation Ratio of Ordered Parsings.
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. Volume: 67. Issue: 2. Pages: 1008-1026. Date: 2021.
Authors: Gonzalo Navarro, Carlos Ochoa, Nicola Prezza
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178. Compact Structure for Sparse Undirected Graphs based on a Clique Graph Partition.
Journal: Information Sciences. Volume: 544. Pages: 485-499. Date: 2021.
Authors: Felipe Glaria, Cecilia Hernández, Susana Ladra, Gonzalo Navarro, Lilian Salinas
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179. Interventions Recommendation: Professionals' Observations Analysis in Special Needs Education.
Conference: Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications. Publisher: Association for Computational Linguistic. Pages: 171-179. Date: 2021.
Authors: Javier Muñoz, Felipe Bravo-Marquez
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180. The Computational Complexity of Evil Hangman.
Conference: International Conference on Fun with Algorithms. Publisher: Springer-Verlag. Pages: 23:1-23:12. Date: 2021.
Authors: Jérémy Barbay, Bernardo Subercaseaux
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